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Twin Flame Spiritual Awakening

Updated: Jun 5, 2020


I woke up this morning feeling guided to finally share a brief synopsis of my Spiritual Awakening on a more public platform. Not so coincidentally, I literally realized this afternoon that my awakening took place during the Lions gate portal in 2018. Now, here we are the day before Lions Gate 2019 and I’m ready to bare my soul! It most definitely is no coincidence, but rather divine guidance, that I was prompted to share a little about my awakening today.

Last Labor Day weekend I spent with a friend whom I had only really known through social media. We had a very low-keyed weekend together. We shared our entire life stories, our current heart breaks and a lot of laughs and just vibing to good music. Mixed in this weekend were some painful realities that broke my heart, but I chose at the time, not to focus on them. By Sunday night as I listened to my friend talk, we were standing in my living room, I was looking in his eyes and that’s when I literally had the sensation of energy flowing, more like gushing from my chest to his. At the time I just knew it was love coming from my heart to his, I would later realize it was in fact my heart chakra opening, I had been activated. Honestly, my description doesn’t even begin to do the experience justice! I had an immediate view of who he was on a soul level at that moment in time and it was the most beautiful loving person I had ever experienced. I also knew without a doubt that we had been connected many lifetimes. He was suppose to be in my life and I in his. I also had the knowing that we were best friends and had always known each other and shared a deep love. A kind of love that I had never felt before until that very moment when I started awakening.

We parted ways after that weekend and my spiritual journey really took off. I went through profound grief as we had no communication. I had met my best friend and maybe my life partner and I couldn’t even speak to him, let alone see him. I so desperately wanted to know if he had experienced the same thing! We had spent the entire weekend completing each other’s sentences, saying what the other was thinking, we were strangely comfortable with each other. It was they type of familiarity you feel with someone you lived with for years not just spent a few days with and yet he was gone. I grieved that weekend and I grieved the loss of him and of us. My heart literally ached with the pain of missing him. I knew logically it made no sense, but I also knew on a soul level we had experienced something very profound.

I became aware through divine guidance, that I was indeed going through a Spontaneous Spiritual Awakening. I say spontaneous as I hadn’t used any psychedelic substances, I hadn’t been through any traumatic event or near-death experience and I wasn't meditating prior to my awakening as these things sometimes bring about an awakening. For me it progressed for about 6 weeks before I realized I had experienced a full Kundalini activation. The Kundalini energy traveled up my spine and instantaneously cleared all the main chakras. This is when I began to have spiritual knowing’s, psychic messages and the experience of profound love for all of humanity. I could write an entire paper on just the Kundalini experience, but for the sake of this short blog I will just say that when my Kundalini energy came on-line I had an instantaneous understanding of how all of us our connected, knowledge of world events and how they would play out. As time passed, I also received messages for friends and myself and I pulsated with energy for months all over my body as I was awakened to Mother Earth’s/ Gaia’s energy!

During those months I spent a lot of time in meditation and self-reflection/awareness. I was experiencing telepathy, third eye visuals such as sacred geometry, flashes of past lives etc. and able to pick up other people’s energy on such a heightened level that I could drive by houses/businesses and know if the people inside were happy or sad. I was not able to be out in public much during that time because I was an open book to every and anyone’s energies and it literally drained my own energy in turn.

I was “blissed out” with love flowing from my heart to everyone and anyone I encountered. I loved the feeling of contentment I was experiencing and still do. However, I do long for those days of heightened awareness that now only peaks randomly. I long for the more connected feeling to come back and I still relish the times when I pulsate with energy. It always comforts me and confirms that I am connected to mother Gaia. Those moments when the Kundalini energy rises to music or when I really like or vibe with a person place or location, I am reminded how connected we all are to source/God.

I also make self-care a priority now just as we all should. I perform Reiki on myself or seek out other Reiki professionals and sound healers when I need vibrational, spiritual adjustments so to speak. I encourage all of you to do this as well. We can’t be there for others if we aren’t taking care of us first. This is especially true of parents and caregivers. You have been given a sacred task that deserves your best effort, and you can only give as good as you feel!

It literally is pure magic how our lives are all divinely guided. I’m not sure why I was directed to share my story. I have a feeling that someone out there needs to share as well, so in honor of Lions Gate 2019, I offer my ear to hear you and a shoulder for you to lean on.

I wish you all peace, love and light.



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