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Updated: May 25, 2020


What does gratitude mean to you? Is it happiness when things are going your way, or is it complete acceptance and unwavering faith when life seems hard? Note I said, “seems hard”. Life is a journey of thoughts. Some programmed and some imagined, but none-the-less, a journey of thoughts.

Which thoughts do you chose to lead you? What does your journey look like; is it fear based? Is it fluctuating by the outside forces blowing at your sanctuary of inner peace? Much like the Big Bad Wolf at the piggy’s home, is your gratitude shelter made of sticks or is it of brick and mortar? How strong does your gratitude run when your journey of thoughts gets lost?

How strong is your gratitude when life seems hard? It’s easy to feel gratitude and feel “Blessed” as many have coined when the money flows, health is not in question, but how blessed do you feel when you are forced to go without and go within?

-How blessed do you feel now?

-What is holding you back from feeling blessed?

-What is holding you back from gratitude, here and now?

-Release it! Release it all…and have gratitude!

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