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Manifestation...The Key is Expanded Conciousness!

Updated: May 25, 2020

Manifestation has been a buzz word for over a decade. We’ve all seen the books, blogs and post, but have we really figured it out. Do we know the “secret” to manifestation yet? Have we learned what the missing piece of the puzzle is yet?

Remember the vision boards soccer moms were clamoring to make over a decade ago in hopes of making their family's dreams come true? College students and the newly awakened are still participating in this main stream ritual of sorts, in hopes of making all their dreams a reality. Often, in good intentioned but slightly miss-guided metaphysical circles these boards are encouraged, but the missing piece of the puzzle isn't explained.

The fact of the matter is, nothing outside of ourselves is needed for manifestation. Expansion of consciousness is all that is needed to manifest our soul's desires. Divination tools, vision boards and simply writing your manifestation goals down are good supporting actors, if you will, but the main character is being in alignment with your soul's purpose and that takes some work. Expansion of consciousness is an inside job; if you know what I mean!

Discovering and following your souls purpose, all depends on your level of consciousness. This directly impacts your ability to manifest into your reality the soul’s desires, the soul's akashic records must match your desires. You need to be in harmony with your souls path in order to manifest in an intentional and positive way. We can break some soul contracts but some experiences in our akashic records are part of a divine path we must experience for our growth.

Are you able to crack the code to the mystery of manifestation? Can you connect with your guides and higher-self? Are you understanding that the 3D (3rd dimensional matrix) wants and desires may not be aligned with your soul's purpose? When desires are out of alignment with your soul's purpose, this leads to misguided goals for manifestation. This in turn leads to disappointment.

We are most definitely not here to experience poverty, desperation and despair for our entire lives. Even those who choose not to awaken this go around are able to manifest. At some point there is an adaptation to their situation that takes place, a moment of complete surrender that allows for the universe to provide. This is just how the frequencies of the universe work. Frequencies are the energy that everything on this planet and within this universe are made up of and generate out into our surroundings. Every thought, action we take has a vibrational frequency. Money has a frequency, lack consciousness has a frequency, the words we speak all have a frequency. Our thoughts and actions must align with the free flow of abundance that is available to all of us. Statements like “I never win anything” “I’m always broke” etc. will bring back to you exactly that experience. This is nothing new in the world of manifestation videos and books, but what if I told you that you have to align your frequency with your desires in such a way that the universe has to deliver it to you! It really is that simple. If you have developed the conscious awareness to understand your souls’ purpose and you fearlessly pursue that purpose, the universe has no choice but to assist completely in manifesting all that your soul desires.

True expansion of consciousness is needed to materialize the dreams and desires that are in alignment with your soul's purpose. Not all of us are supposed to be multi-platinum singers just because we were blessed with a beautiful voice. For example, our mission may be that of an educator or healer and our abundance is the self-satisfaction and joy we receive from our work. All of our needs are met with all the strapping's of an upper middle-class existence. This is in our Akashic record, a contract that we agreed to experience, it isn’t good, bad or karmic, it is an unwavering experience for our soul’s growth that we must experience. So in this example, to never be satisfied with our lives, because we have a voice of a song bird and think our true purpose is a mega platinum singer, we create a low vibrational/frequency (i.e. thoughts) which go out into the universe and keep us in a constant state of dissatisfaction. Because of these lower frequencies, we are unable to manifest consciously and with desired results. Or we do manifest desires but over years and decades because we are not in alignment.

When we are able to really receive the blessings of our life and live in complete gratitude, we develop a conscious awareness, that this now moment, is but a fraction of time. When we accept and understand this now moment as our soul's purpose and therefore divinely guided, we meet it with appreciation. In turn, our frequency (our thoughts) are of a much higher vibration, which equates to an expanded consciousness. It is at this point we become manifesters’s of our reality. Our frequency matches our soul’s desires and our purpose becomes crystal clear. This is zero point; this is when the universe delivers to us all that we desire.

At zero point, we are in alignment, we don’t concern ourselves with the how or when these desires will materialize. It is now that our vision boards, crystals, tarot cards, meditations and the like can be useful and employed to augment what we have already created.

Quite simply, the abundance that is meant for us, flows effortlessly to us. We don’t stress and wonder when or how, we know that the Universe will deliver.



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